Everything the Light Touches, a metaphor by Lauren DeMarco


You know that scene from the Lion King when Mufasa shows Simba his future kingdom? There is “everything the light touches”, but then there are those “dark shadowy places”.

I think of this scene as a metaphor, when I look back at my childhood, I don’t remember all of the small details, it’s more of a glowing joy over the whole thing, with just a few “dark shadowy places” representing what I considered harder times. I think part of my job as a parent is to do my best to make their childhood mostly glowing with the fewest “dark shadowy places” as possible.

When we got home last night from this little festival, I morphed into the i’ve-had-a-long-week-at-work troll, was selfish and irritable and impatient. I lost a few nice hours with my babies because I couldn’t fully morph back. And when it’s over I get sad and scared and mad. I don’t want these times to collect and become “dark shadowy places” that they remember. But also, I can only do my best. I can apologize to them when that happens, it’s good for them to see me as a human who makes mistakes.

We wake up, God willing, and get to try again the next day.

When you look back on your own childhood, do you think those “dark shadowy” spots came from these types of things? Am I crazy for processing things this way?