My thoughts on the question "should kids read silly books?" by Lauren DeMarco


We took the kids to see a little local performance of Junie B. Jones at the library and got talking about the Junie B series, and other silly books like Captain Underpants. Should we let our kids read these things? The language is often improper and the themes a little gross at times; they are certainly not my beloved Charlotte’s Web but I loved Junie B. as a kid…

I think that kids should read whatever they are interested in. I think that if they are bright enough to read and understand the text that they will be able to recognize the errors as such. My theory is that this type of writing is a good example of poetic license and can help them learn to be more daring and creative in their own writing.

I want reading fiction to be fun for my children. I want my children to be curious and use non-fiction books as resources as they grow up. I want my children to read about other people lived experiences through their memoirs to help them become empathetic adults. All of these dreams start with fostering a love of reading!