will you remember? / by Lauren DeMarco


To Chi Chi and Cub

Will you remember my reaching my hand back from the driver seat to hold yours for a few seconds on the way to school?
Will you remember my asking you “you my girl?” or my saying “Mommy loves you”
Will you remember my grabbing your bare feet and pulling them together to match the soles?
Will you remember my spraying your hair with the blue bottle and brushing it every morning?
Will you remember that every year we watch “The Grinch” while decorating the Christmas tree, read Charlotte’s Web to welcome spring, pick Strawberries and make pie on Memorial Day, and go to Sunset Beach on the summer solstice for a picnic?
Will you remember the smell of our laundry or the pattern of the coverlet on my bed?
Will you remember that you pick out a new animal lunchbox every year for preschool and how you open it each day to find a turkey & cheese sandwich wrapped in a beeswrap?
Will you remember the first time you saw your baby brother and asked to hold him, over and over?
Will you remember playing with your little people and little bus and little stacking cup and little “crunchies” that you love?
Will you remember wearing bonnets and popcorn knits?
Will you remember hearing me through your light sleep crying tears of “joy pain” over you?

I know you will pick your own memories, but these are a few of mine that are worth more than every star in the sky.