Dried foraged flower art / by Lauren DeMarco


We had been waiting so so patiently for spring. Winter is the longest season in New Jersey, and though it does have it's own "ups" and though we try to enjoy the "hygge", if you will, it gets old after a while. Needless to say we were pretty desperate for spring and all that comes with it. Even these pretty little weeds were getting us excited. So we decided to celebrate them.

We didn't necessarily want to buy a fancy press for one small project so we made one with some things we already had (a bucket for foraging weeds/flowers, 2 small pieces of smooth wood, 2 sheets of watercolor paper, and 3 bricks)

We grabbed our bucket, put on some shoes, and went out to forage whatever we could find that was finally growing from the thawing ground. The Forsythias are the earliest bloomers so we snagged a branch from one of those bushes. We found some little wild violets, clover, dandelion, and some other weeds to try and press.


We brought them into the house, cut up some watercolor paper, found 2 pieces of pine that I was using for some other project recently, and brought a few bricks up and into the house from under the back deck. We carefully placed the blooms between the paper and pine like a sandwich (pine, paper, blooms, paper, pine). We placed them on the table and laid the 3 bricks on top of the sandwich.


Two weeks later, we lifted the bricks, opened the sandwich and revealed the "perfectly" dried flowers!


Once we had these pretty blooms, we decided to showcase them in an old frame we had been holding onto. We adhered our favorite flowers and stems onto white paper with a touch of Elmer's glue on the back and placed them into the frame.

The outcome is simple and pretty but also nostalgic and personal. We like how it looks in our kitchen!

You can see us in action in my story highlights on instagram under "earth day crafts".