20 laurenspirational words / by Lauren DeMarco

Some minutes are chosen for me and are not in my control. I know I need to sleep about 8 hours to do life well. I know I need to work about 40 hours per week to pay for life. I know I need to drive here and there. I know I need to give some of my free time to serve loved one's needs.

But some minutes are mine. Sometimes I know when I will have them, and other times they are surprises. Sometimes I can plan for them and sometimes I am free to spend them instinctually.

When my minutes come, I want to describe them using some of the following words:

1. alive
2. natural
3. simple
4. full of light (and its contrast, shadow)
5. quiet
6. effort-full (and its contrast, effortless)
7. authentic/honest
8. lovingly
9. joyful
10. sustainable
11. purposeful
12. handmade
13. curious
14. wabi-sabi (perfectly imperfect)
15. nostalgic
16. enriched
17. playful
18. orderly (and its contrast, messy)
19. experimental
20. unique

If some minutes are spent jumping into a cool pool in the summer, coming up from the water to make eye contact with my daughter who is laughing joyfully at my body mechanics, this is good living.

If some minutes are spent inside my grandparent's home of 50 years, immaculately curated to their colonial decor preferences, chatting with Pop Pop about the garden, while Mom Mom's and my homemade collaborative peach pie bakes, this is good living.

Wearing a hoodie on the beach with my sister and sipping warm green tea, cooking dinner while my husband and Chi Chi color at the counter, drive to Sunset Beach with my parents for a traditional summer solstice picnic, 10 minutes on the couch reading, or a walk through the garden center greenhouse on the way home from work. Minutes interwoven with one or many of the above words.

These words are the paints I use to color my minutes. anyone else like to name themes of their lives and feel proud/happy when you make time for them? just me?

ps. very little guilt for the mindless scrolling, pinning, or re-watching of gilmore girls episodes for the (no exagerration) 14th time, but beware of numbing and coping. I want to live my life, not numb through it.