Blanket Stitched Felt Alphabet / by Lauren DeMarco


Chi is learning how to read and write right now, so exciting!!!! We have come up with some fun games to help her learn her high frequency words and practice her letter sounds.

I saw another mom on instagram make felted wool letters and thought “I could do something similar with some supplies I already have/love to use.” I used sheets of felt and embroidery floss to make a full alphabet to use with Chi, and eventually, our new son, Louie (I call him “Bear”, he is soooo cute!), to help her build words!

I loved how they were coming out and wrote up a tutorial about the project but then realized Purl Soho posted a very similar tutorial for a very similar project. Since they are pro’s and since they have links to their fancy felts and everything already, I figured I would attach their tutorial HERE instead of mine…. HOWEVER, I like the hand drawn letters I made better than the sharper font they provide (just a matter of personal preference) so I will attach a FREE printable HERE, in case you like them better too! (On my template, the dotted lines on the letters represent the spaces you should leave open until the end so you can stuff them with fluff)

A few other differences between my project and Purl Soho: I used a blanket stitch where they used a whip stitch (you can google both to see videos and choose for yourself; I think the blanket stitch is prettier and more sturdy so that’s what I did). I also used DMC embroidery floss instead of thread to make for a more heirloom quality final product.

Some variations/ideas: Putting jingle bells inside would be fun (you could make just a single letter (initial) with a jingle bell inside as a rattle for a baby gift). Another fun idea would be to embroider some pretty designs on the felt before sewing the two pieces together (I think I am going to make our friend’s daughter’s name for her as a Christmas present, I plan to embroider flowers on them to match her nursery and put bells inside each one). You could also either use them for a garland, just stitch through the backs and hang!

How we will use them: Chi can build her high frequency words with them, practice word families, consonant clusters, and match them to items around the house that start with that letter.

Other: I plan on sewing a small drawstring bag with some scrap fabric to keep them in. I plan on spot cleaning them if they get dirty!

Send me some pictures if you make them or a variation! Tag me @laurenspired !!