Crabs and Ice Cream, Waterballoons and Jumprope. Summer Bucket List / by Lauren DeMarco

Another check on the summer bucket list, my family's annual crab feast was a success. It is so joyful to use traditions as reminders to be present in the current season.

Other items on the bucket list this year:
Fireworks, s'mores by the bonfire, Chi's birthday party, start and finish tiny tiles quilt, bake a peach pie from sunny slope peaches, grill steamers, rides on the boardwalk, Photo booth pics with Frank and Chi, sea glass hunt at sea breeze, 4th of July weekend shopping and cousin time, solstice picnic on sunset beach, berry picking, brown's donuts, beach week, Megan and Amanda's weddings, Mo's birthday beach dinner, and more!!

What's on your bucket list for summa'!? I always want more ideas!! Let me know on Instagram!