Wabi Sabi Tiny Tiles Quilt (In Progress) / by Lauren DeMarco

I love a good long term project.

I had a little over a week off between the school year and summer school and I wanted to have something creative to show for it. I saw a tutorial on Purl Soho for a Tiny Tile Quilt which looked manageable yet challenging for me, and gave me room to be the rebel I always need to be with projects. I chose my own colors/fabrics, adjusted the size, and decided to hand-stitch the top to the batting and back. I chose to use a dark purple Kona cotton, dark purple linen, a mustard Kona cotton, mustard linen, a small scale blue floral print, a navy Kona cotton and muslin. (If you wanted to make one with the exact materials in the tutorial, here is the bundle they offer to make it that much easier).

I am using a giant embroidery hoop and just moving it around as I go. I will be stitching in the opposite direction as well once I finish this direction. It is so wabi-sabi, just the way I like it and is taking a long time which is perfect. I am using hand-stitching thread which is more coarse so it won't knot. I'm pretty obsessed with how it is coming out!

I will post a picture of the final product when it's complete.

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