Handmade Christmas. Ideas and Resources. / by Lauren DeMarco

I love to have some handmade decorations and/or experiences around the holiday. Here are some ideas and resources!

Dried Orange Slice Garland:
I followed this tutorial from Homesong and had lovely results. See the finished product above.

Paper Snowflakes:
I used these directions and these templates from Martha Stewart!

Christmas Sugar Cookies:
We were invited to decorate cookies at a friends house this year and used this kit. I like to make my own too, using this easy recipe with some cookie cutters . These have been on my list, wouldn't they be so dang cute with little Santa hats painted on with icing??!

Painted Wood Ornaments:
We bought wooden stars, similar to these and let Chi paint them with acrylic paints. I let her use her own creativity, very hands-off, and they came out great. She wrote "Love, Luciana" on the backs and gave them to friends. Nice little added topper for family gifts too.


Some other ideas I would really like to do this year or just wanted to share:

-Rolled and/or poured beeswax candles
-Cinnamon Salt Dough Ornaments
-Gingerbread Houses (keeping it super commercial because time is limited yet Chi really enjoys doing these)
-Cranberry Garland for trees outside, for the birds. Might try to make this a Christmas Eve morning tradition.
-Air Dry Clay Plant pressed ornaments
-Fresh Wreath, I really like this one. I bought my grandparents a fresh wreath for Christmas last year, they got it in time to hang over the mantle for Christmas eve dinner. I am hoping to make one this year to keep the tradition going.

Happy making!