leaf print coasters / by Lauren DeMarco


A quick and easy project for fall. To do with kids or alone, to be taken as seriously, or NOT, as you'd like.

I saw, in Martha Stewart's magazine, a project for a table runner using this same technique on linen. She obviously took it more seriously and used it for some kind of dinner party. I wanted to make something small and scrappy using things I already had: scrap muslin, fabric paint in primary colors (which I mixed on a paper plate), a foam brush, a brayer (you could use a rolling pin), a piece of craft felt, and a sewing machine already threaded with gray thread and matching bobbin. You could hand stitch these with whatever you have.


We went outside in our neighborhood and threw some leaves around for fun before picking the 4-5 we would use. Brought them inside, mixed some fabric paint on a plate, used the foam brush to paint on the leaves, laid them paint side down on the muslin, covered with another piece of muslin, rolled, uncovered, and pulled up the leaf to reveal the print.


I obviously like the imperfect look. Not pictured was a rough draft print that taught us to use more paint. I don't like the color red so I didn't use the big maple print. Chi and I had a conversation about the leaf types, deciduous vs coniferous, the veins in the leafs, why they fall, etc.


I used a coaster I already had as a template, cut a sandwich of muslin, felt, muslin. Sewed around the edges with the sewing machine and stitched some detail on the one. Tried to stitch around the mustard color leaf but the ink was sticking to the presser foot so I just left it plain. They are just to use in my own home so I had fun with them and left them raw. If you wanted to make them as gifts you could experiment with different techniques to make them look more finished.


My sister bought my homemade mug from my cabinet and my other homemade one is at work so I use this one from Target. I found it on clearance a while back and really like it with my favorite, ZEN green tea by TAZO!! I am working on some new ceramic pieces in the pottery studio right now (including a big slab bowl which I am obsessed with), and a new mug for myself!

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