Homemade Vampirina Costume / by Lauren DeMarco


I had way too much fun with this!

Black dress: I made the black dress from knit fabric by tracing a dress we had as a pattern. Sewed it together (VERY wabi-sabi) with my sewing machine. Should have used black thread. Painted the cobwebs on with puff paint.

Necklace: I made the skull necklace from leftover knit fabric, black felt, and glitter foam. Cut the shapes, sewed around it on the sewing machine.

Shoes and "socks": bought cheap black booties, used my seam ripper point to make holes in the front, used pink knit fabric cut into strips to make laces. made tubes with the pink knit fabric and slid them on like leg warmers.

Headband: I used some mold-able jewelry wire to make the shapes of the wings, cut black felt and covered wire. Hot glued together and around the headband. I thought it would fall off a ton but it didn't at all. I used Bobbi pins to hold in onto the hair but snap clips worked too for extra security.

Everything else: Painted her face, cut the tips off of blue gloves, put purple tights and long sleeve pink undershirt.

She was so adorable, her friends loved it which made her smile, and once again, she watched me problem solve/get creative at home. She pitched in her opinions and ideas which were awesome! Modeling creativity for her is my greatest joy!

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