my creative process. today's insight. / by Lauren DeMarco


My creative process is entirely haphazard and I want to call it weird but I know I am not alone.

I follow the flow. I get obsessed. I get very frustrated. I get impatient. I act before I think. I think before I act. This is all true.

What is also true is that sometimes I feel like dying the fabric, sometimes I feel like using fabric that is already a cool color. Sometimes it's 100% linen, sometimes its cotton and linen together in some kind of blend. Sometimes its clay because I don't feel like printing. Sometimes I can't do anything because I have a full time day job and a 4 year old and don't have enough energy to wind a bobbin.

The printing and sewing and dying can be really close to perfect or I can make huge dumb mistakes like printing when its too hot out (ink dried in my screen the other day). Whatever.


I treat art like I treat my relationships, with a clear intention to do my best and to bond with the thing. The intentions and efforts are my responsibility, the outcomes and responses are not.

I could work for 10 minutes on something, come out with a functional product and be thrilled. I could work for 4 hours on something, go through all the feels, and come out on the other side with nothing. that's okay (in the moment it sucks but again, whatever)

I put my favorite pieces into the shop because I think they are cool and beautiful and most of all, functional for daily enjoyment. I want you to buy them if you think they're cool and beautiful too. And then we can be besties. And then I have money to keep making!

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