Handmade pottery is in the shop, ready to ship! / by Lauren DeMarco

Hey friends,

A few pieces from the Summer 2017 collection, 3 "Ladies" pieces and 1 Floral Bowl, are live in the shop, ready to ship!

This is a slice of my  perfect banana cake...

This is a slice of my perfect banana cake...


I want the art I make to be used every day!!
I make every piece for function, not just beauty.

The bowl you see below is


I think these also make perfect gifts. Did you know that the red lips on the "Ladies" represent POWER and the pink cheeks represent VULNERABILITY. I really love seeing these qualities in the women in my life, especially the moms and makers like me, whom I always look to for #laurenspiration!!

If you are not in the market right now but are want to stay informed... follow my instagram for updates!

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